We re-purpose your unwanted clothing and household goods to benefit the lives of others.

Harvest can help. We are a Minnesota based non-profit organization based on compassion and giving. 

Benefits of working with Harvest:

  • Whether it’s a few bags of clothes, or a whole house full, your donations benefit local charities who need our help.
  • Full home clean out service with one phone call.
  • We do the overwhelming work so you can get back to your family, job and life faster.
  • We help you give back by pairing and donating your unwanted items to local charities who serve people in need.
  • We can help you appraise and sell your higher quality items.
  • We’re Minnesota based, and your donated items benefit local families.
  • Our service is professional and thorough, from initial consultation to sweeping the floor and removing the dumpster.

Our Clients Have Peace of Mind

“Harvest took care of it all.  They gave us peace of mind.”

“Our non-profit organization gets critical cash flow we need, when Harvest turns our donated items to cash!”

“They brought a dumpster for the stuff no one would want.  They donated our usable things to charity so people in need could use our old dishes and cups, beds and bedding, sofas and tables, lamps.  Thanks Harvest!”

“Dad passed away, and with siblings living across the country we couldn’t imagine where to begin dealing with everything in the house. Harvest did it all for us”.

One phone call. Harvest does it all.

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Telephone: 612-840-2796
Harvest on the web: www.harvesthelps.org
Harvest on Facebook: Harvest on Facebook
Harvest on Twitter: @harvesthelps

Logo: lisaruetten.com  Minneapolis  |   Photography: KarinLynnPhotography.com

Content copyright 2013. HARVESTMN.ORG. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi Carol – we serve Duluth as well, it’s an easy expansion for us, I grew up in Cloquet and have lots of previous work in Duluth. Could you please email me at david@harvesthomes.org or call us at 612-840-2796 to let me know what you’re thinking? Thanks.

      David Stennes
      Founder / Executive Director

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