Our Mission

Donate your unneeded stuff, to benefit the lives of others.

De-Clutter. Downsize. Donate. Simplify your life. Let it go.

Harvest Defined: Webster defines “Harvest” as the season, or act, or process of gathering. It’s an event where we capture the fruit and growth of our hard work, and share it. And it’s a way to to harvest and re-purpose the goodness of household goods from those in abundance, shared with those in need.

  • Local, neighborhood donation drop-offs allow your donated items to benefit charities you know and love.  Non-profits need cash. Harvest raises cash for local charities. Use your donation drop-off items to benefit charities and families in your local neighborhood!
  • When we help our customers downsize, de-clutter, and simplify their lives, the result is a letting go of “things” and a deep feeling of psychological comfort.  
  • When we clear out and clean out a home of a family in transition, we’re providing much needed peace of mind at a time of stress.
  • Assisted Living / Long Term Care / Nursing Home / Estate Clearance transition requires empathy, understanding, and logical thinking.  We’re here to help.

Re-purposing donated excess with those in need is rewarding and practical. Most people can’t begin to imagine how quickly a house full of  donated “everything” will be used by someone in need when the network exists to pair it.

It’s humbling.  It’s amazing. It’s peace of mind for the family downsizing or cleaning out a family home. It’s an incredible blessing for the recipient of the gently used items your family no longer uses.

Imagine how fun it is for us to see a clean, quality sofa taken from a home clean out, and given to a single mother with children who are piling on the couch they’ve never had.  It’s hard for most of us to fathom that so many people aren’t sleeping on decent beds at night.  If we could get them donated, the charities we support have an immediate need to provide dozens of beds a week to families who need them, just in the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area alone.

We Take Care of Everything

  • Guidance and counsel through the transition
  • Sorting

  • Discarding and Removal

  • Shipping personal or reserved items

  • Selling the valuable pieces

  • Donating to charities

If the project includes personal, heirloom and valuable pieces, these items are handled with care, and are professionally shipped where needed, or sold.  The rest of the contents of the home are removed, and everything that can be donated is given to our network of charities.

If you’re far away from the home we’re clearing, there’s no need to get on an airplane. We’ll work with you and your family to handle all the details from our end.

Assisted Living / Long Term Care / Nursing Home / Estate Clearance

Our experience in helping clear out homes and estates and “all things” related to life transition makes Harvest sought after among other professionals who serve the families in need of help navigating the steps needed when families transition.  It’s an emotional time.  Having a helping hand with people who understand, empathize and know what to do is critical.

Priorities Shifting

The recession provided a valuable wake-up call to many. Priorities have changed. The list of things that were important at one phase in our lives, may not be as important now.  Whether you’re grabbing onto the national trend of downsizing on purpose, or dealing with parents and family who’ve not known the importance of cleaning out their home well before they need to leave it, the issues of “letting go” and practical steps to do the work are critical.

Our own research into this “perfect storm” led to the founding of Harvest.

Downsizing and the Baby Boom


Starting last year, the baby boom generation began turning 65.  Now, 8,000 people a day turn 65, and that will continue every day for the next 18 years.  As a result, parents are older and the children will be dealing with their lifetime of accumulated things. For anyone who’s been through this already, we know that de-cluttering in advance of leaving the family home is a very important step that people have been reluctant to deal with.

We exist to help deal with it.

This demographic shift represents the largest age wave change in history.  The insurance and financial planning industries call it the largest transfer of wealth in history.  But not everyone is transferring wealth.  The issues of dealing with every day things like helping our parents move to assisted living, and dealing with their estates when they pass on, are very real.


We don’t charge fees.  We accept donations.  When your job requires us to send staff/volunteers and a truck, we operate of a “pay it forward” system.  Previous customers have made a donation to cover the costs of the work we do for you.  If you are able, please contribute and donate as you are able.

Things We Sell – Revenue Source

In the process of our work, we acquire some very nice things. (See “The Things We Sell” tab above)  The nicer items, beyond those heirlooms that the family desires to keep, that wouldn’t be given away or sold in a thrift store, are sold and used as a primary revenue source that runs our business.  We sell those things to run our company and make it possible for us to coordinate the donations to charities.  Whether the things we sell come to us from home clean-outs or private parties just wanting to downsize, Harvest is a recognized source of top quality, unique furniture and home goods.

Referrals: Our business depends on word of mouth

Our business grows by referral.  Realtors, Estate Attorneys and Trustees, the neighbor who wants to find a place for her Danish modern wall unit….all are excellent sources of telling our story.  We appreciate it, thank you.  Please keep your ears open for opportunities to share Harvest with those you know, as you learn and hear more about our work.

To reach us: Telephone 612-840-2796  Email: david@harvesthelps.org  Web: harvestmn.org

Logo: lisaruetten.com  Minneapolis  |   Photography: KarinLynnPhotography.com

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